Blemished skin

Blemished skin is prone to blackheads, so-called comedones, that sometimes form inflamed, small reddish pustules. Blemished skin most often occurs in adolescents starting in puberty, but it can also recur later in life. Lifestyle, diet, hormones and genes play a large role. Usually, the combination of excessive sebum production and cornification leads to minor inflammation of the sebum glands and hair follicles. Too much sebum is a breeding ground for some bacteria that can be found on our skin. Propionibacterium acnes, the namesake of acne, feels particularly comfortable here and relentlessly metabolises fatty acids.

For those with blemished skin, the goal is to balance out the sebum production. Cleansing methods that are too harsh and aggressive can also influence sebum production. If too much sebum is removed from the skin, it counteracts with even stronger sebum production – and this creates a vicious circle.

More than anything, your skin needs moisture that you should supply, along with an intact skin barrier.

„If you’re happy with yourself, your skin will be too.“