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Natural active ingredient cosmetics that really work!

Spilanthox therapy is the first natural skincare product to contain specially isolated spilanthol and acmella oleracea extract in high doses as well as low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. It provides immediate facial expression smoothing*, wrinkle depth reduction* and lasting care results in a purely natural way. You look more rested and radiantly youthful. Spilanthol is a natural extract from the paracress plant (Acmella Oleracea). Spilanthol is extremely effective against expression lines* and wrinkles.

56% Soforwirkung

Say no to Botox and yes to nature!

A natural glow and smoothed expression lines: our Spilanthox therapy products make it possible with the double power of Paracress. Specially isolated spilanthol and acmella oleracea extract in high doses, combined with low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids, ensure immediate smoothing of expression lines* and a lasting reduction in wrinkle depth*.

Our "Organic Botox", spilanthol, comes directly from nature and, unlike classic Botox, is free from the chemical neurotoxin botulinum toxin, which can also have side effects.

Spilanthol is extracted from the paracress (also known as Jambu plant or Acmella Oleracea). The plant has long been known to the indigenous peoples of South America, where the paracress also grows.


"Spilanthox therapy doesn't work miracles, but it comes close."

- Nikki Benett

Purity is our concern.

Alongside spilanthol, hyaluron is one of the anti-ageing ingredients in our cosmetics. We not only use long-chain hyaluronic acid, which is deposited on the skin, but also high-quality, short-chain hyaluronic acid. It penetrates the skin and plumps it up from the inside. Hyaluron also protects against premature skin ageing. We have added other highly effective active ingredients to the power couple of spilanthol and hyaluronic acid and thus developed an active ingredient cosmetic that really works!

Discover the "Spilanthox effect" and feel fresher, younger and naturally beautiful again!

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