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Impure skin

Impure skin is prone to blackheads, so-called comedones, which sometimes form inflamed, small reddish pustules. Impure skin most often occurs in adolescents after puberty, but can also recur throughout life. Lifestyle, diet, hormones and genes play a big role. Most of the time, the combination of excessive sebum production and keratinization is the basis for small inflammations in the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Too much sebum is a breeding ground for some bacteria that are on our skin. The Propionibacterium acnes, which gives its name to acne, feels particularly at home here and metabolizes fatty acids on an assembly line.

With impure skin, the goal is to bring sebum production back into balance. Cleaning that is too harsh and aggressive can also have an impact on sebum production. If too much sebum is removed from the skin, it reacts by producing even more sebum - and a vicious circle arises.

Your skin primarily needs moisture, which you should give it and an intact skin barrier.

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Magic Touch Anti-Ageing BB CreamMagic_Touch_Anti_Ageing_BB_Cream
Magic Touch Anti-Ageing BB Cream

Rich, immediately smoothing care with glow.

Ultra_Rch_Eye_Lifting_Fluid_Ultra_Rch_Eye_Lifting_Fluid Aloe Vera
Ultra Rich Eye-Lifting Fluid

Hypoallergenic eye care with a high-dose active ingredient complex.

Multi Talent Shimmer OilMulti Talent Shimmer Oil
Multi Talent Shimmer Oil

Super glow like diamond dust, with an instant tanning effect.

Multi_Skin_Recharger mit SchattenMulti_Skin_Recharger mit Inhaltstoffen
Multi Skin Recharger

Antioxidant serum with niacinamide for even and smooth skin.

Daily Aloe Skin WashDaily_Aloe_Skin_Wash mit Aloe Vera
Daily Aloe Skin Wash

Gentle, moisturizing wash gel based on organic aloe vera.

High_Potency_Facelift_Booster freistehendHigh_Potency_Facelift_Booster mit Orange
High-Potency Facelift Booster

Highly dosed special treatment for a smoothing skin texture, combined with hyaluronic acid.

Multi Effect Skin Protection (LSF 30)Multi_Effect_Skin_Protection mit Inhaltsstoffen und Schatten
Multi Effect Skin Protection (LSF 30)

Protective fluid - SPF 30 with protection against bluelight.

Direct_Wrinkle_StopDirect_Wrinkle_Stop mit Hintergrund
Direct Wrinkle Stop

High-dose anti-aging concentrate for immediate smoothing.

Multi_Effect_Anti_Aging_Hand_CreamMulti_Effect_Anti_Aging_Hand_Cream mit Cocosnus
Multi Effect Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Rich, instantly smoothing hand cream.

Radiant_Beachtan DropsRadiant_Beachtan_Drops mit Kleksen
Radiant Beachtan Drops

Self-tanning and care concentrate for an even, healthy complexion.

Facesplash Anti-Ageing "TO GO".Facesplash Anti-Ageing "TO GO".
Facesplash Anti-Ageing "TO GO"

Refreshing anti-aging facial spray with a good mood scent.

Delivery System CleanserDelivery System Cleanser.
Delivery System Cleanser

Cleansing with or without water with a peeling effect, it also optimizes the pH value.

Ultimate Pore Refining Gel (AHA + BHA)Ultimate_Pore_Refining_Gel Blüte
Ultimate Pore Refining Gel (AHA + BHA)

Intensive special treatment for even and clear skin with AHA + BHA acids to refine pores.

2 in 1 Coffee Peeling & Mask.2 in 1 Coffee Peeling & Mask.
2 in 1 Coffee Peeling & Mask

Peeling & mask in one, with real coffee and almond oil.

Primaerverpackung_Pure_Enzyme_Peeling_Powder mit SchattenPure_Enzyme_Peeling_Powder mit Frucht
Pure Enzyme Peeling Powder

Fine, high-yield enzyme peeling without additives.

Glow Hydrator SerumGlow Hydrator Serum
Glow Hydrator Serum

TravelKit Spilanthox
Travel Set