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Intense_Mandelic_GalaSpaWardIntense_Mandelic mit Mandeln
Intense Mandelic Acid Facial - EN

Strongly exfoliating AHA peeling for smooth, even skin.

Sale price€28,95(€96,50/100ml)
2 in 1 Coffee Peeling & Mask.2 in 1 Coffee Peeling & Mask.
2 in 1 Coffee Peeling & Mask - EN

Peeling & mask in one, with real coffee and almond oil.

Sale price€29,95(€14,98/100ml)
Primaerverpackung_Pure_Enzyme_Peeling_Powder mit SchattenPure_Enzyme_Peeling_Powder mit Frucht
Pure Enzyme Peeling Powder - EN

Fine, high-yield enzyme peeling without additives.

Sale price€23,95(€184,23/100g)